Sealed With a Kiss

of Polyurethane.

After a few days of touching up the first coats of stain, finishing off the interior staining, and a few other odds and ends, as well as waiting for good enough weather, my DIY oak Eurorack case is finally ready for polyurethane.  There are still a couple flaws, but I’ve decided to live with them and leave them as reminders of what not to do in the future. 😉 That, and I want to get to making sounds with this thing. These photos are pre-finish.




Here’s a little panning walk-around:


I was able to get 3 coats sprayed on this morning before work.  Hopefully this means it’s DONE and I can start stuffing it with power and modules.

When I was a kid, my father built a bunk bed with a dresser and train board on the bottom for me. The first smell of the finish this morning instantly took me right back to my childhood. Memories are amazing.

BTW, when I showed Emily the back panel and asked her which should be the inside and which the outside, she said, “You MADE that!?!?”


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