It’s Time the Populator

Or, “Out of the Old, Into the New” First of all, Monday night, I recorded my last patch on my already somewhat decommissioned “Roomba Rack,” my second DIY case. The Roomba Rack is so named because the heavy duty cardboard box with a handle that my old Roomba came in perfectly housed a DIY 3-row (9U) […]

Sealed With a Kiss

of Polyurethane. After a few days of touching up the first coats of stain, finishing off the interior staining, and a few other odds and ends, as well as waiting for good enough weather, my DIY oak Eurorack case is finally ready for polyurethane.  There are still a couple flaws, but I’ve decided to live […]

Stains to Explain

[EDIT:  I hated how the pictures were presented. Still getting used to WP.] Yesterday, between paint coats on the back panel, I hit the main body of the synth case with air compressor to blow off the sanding dust.  I found some pretty large pores/open grain, especially in some of the roundover edges. So this […]

Case Art

I’ve been working on a new Eurorack case for a few months.  I’ve been posting updates on Facebook. But really, they should have been in a blog. So I’m restarting Eblo The Weblog, which died AGES ago when my 486 which was hosing my webserver / MovableType for over a decade finally crapped the bed. […]